Butchery Demo & Tasting

Butcher - Event Pic 2016.05.23.jpg
Butcher - Event Pic 2016.05.23.jpg

Butchery Demo & Tasting


Gourmands, Epicureans, Chefs, and All Food Enthusiasts!

On Monday May 23rd, 2016 at 6:00pm

Master Butcher Marc Pauvert will be demonstrating the fine art of

Professional, classic French butchery. Marc is one of the countries only

Certified, classically trained Master Butchers, with his personally owned

Charcuteries, Butcheries and Brasseries already under his professional resume,

Master Pauvert is currently

sharing his passion for elegant food preparation at the Four Seasons Baltimore in Harbor East. Marc has been featured, most recently on CBS and FOX news, the Baltimore Sun, Food & Wine, Saveur and Southern Living Magazines, and as a major contributor and featured demo butcher for Cochon 555 where he set a record for the ages; perfectly butchering a whole pig in less than 23 minutes. Marc has traveled the country exposing

demonstration attendees to the masterful craftsmanship of butchery hosting courses nationwide with his butchering and curing events. He recently was featured on CNN and he once again brings his talents to

Baltimore. Master Pauvert will be demonstrating and discussing personally, the fine art of classic French



Also, as co-host of this remarkable event, Award Winning, Certified Executive Chef Eric Yeager will be

constructing a multi-course meal for all class participants. Chef Yeager’s passion for food started young and

carried him through a Culinary journey spanning a little longer than the past twenty years. Currently the

Culinary Program Director for Stratford University’s Baltimore Campus, Chef Yeager has managed to quantify his expertise as Executive Chef  in award adorned Atlantic Coastal hotels and restaurants from Maryland to

Connecticut, and has been able to entice, excite and satisfy the “epicurious” with his modern refinement of the Classic French cuisine in which he is classically trained.

A portion of the proceeds will be utilized by the Chaine des Rotisseurs in development of

Stratford Student Scholarships.


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